Can Life be Merely an Accident?
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Can Life be
Merely an Accident?

Robert L. Piccioni, Ph.D.

Can Life be Merely an Accident?
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Can Life be Merely an Accident? presents what modern science has learned about the many conditions necessary for the existence of any form of life, and how likely it is that those conditions could occur accidentally.  You will discover that life's requirements are extremely demanding and that their occurrence by random chance is extraordinarily unlikely.

This book will not answer the question "Was life created by God or by a random accident?" The reader must decide that for himself. This is a science book and science cannot answer that question nor the question "Does God exist?"  Look to science to learn the distance to the Sun, the age of the Earth, and the age of the universe. But science cannot measure or compute the purpose of life or the moral principles that should guide our lives.

Religion and science are compatible; they are both organized efforts to seek Truth, something we should all value.              

Can Life be Merely an Accident?  
What are the odds of:

    a viable universe?
    the necessary atoms?
    an Earth-like habitat?
    the right genetic code

Read this book, then You decide.

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