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A World Without Einstein


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Try to imagine A World Without Einstein, our world without any of the products and technologies that depend on the Discoveries of Albert Einstein. For starters, we wouldn’t have GPS and the world’s best magnets that depend on superconductivity.

Einstein explained the mystery of the photoelectric effect that underlies solar cells, TV cameras, and the CCDs in all digital and video cameras. His theories made possible lasers that sculpt our corneas, scan bar codes, read CDs and DVDs, carry phone and internet communication, and are the critical technology in countless medical, industrial, and military devices.



Einstein’s most famous equation says we can convert mass into other forms of energy, such as heat. As the image shows, this is similar to converting dollars into yen. Using this concept, we should soon be able to develop much smarter ways of producing energy — ways that are millions of times more efficient, resulting in energy that is vastly cheaper, safer, and nearly pollution free.

Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity is the foundation of our understanding of collapsed stars, black holes, and the universe itself.