Quantum Mechanics 5:
EPR, Teleportation,
& Advanced Topics

Robert L. Piccioni, Ph.D.

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Everyone's Guide Series

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This book concludes our exploration of Quantum Mechanics in the Everyone’s Guide Series.

Here, we discuss the outstanding mysteries of Quantum Mechanics and the meaning of Reality. Our topics include:
  • EPR paradox
  • Parallel Universes / Many Worlds
  • Bohm’s pilot waves
  • Bell’s Inequality
  • Tests of Locality & Realism
  • Spacetime Quantization & the Planck scale
  • Rovelli’s Relational Quantum Mechanics
We also explore frontier applications of Quantum Mechanics:
  • Cosmology and Loop Quantum Gravity
  • Quantum Computing
  • Teleportation
  • Communication Security


In 1964, Irish physicist John Stewart Bell devised a test to determine whether or not particle spins are well defined before they are measured. His clever idea requires measuring how the two spins correlate when measured in different directions.
Quantum Mechanics and classical physics both say spin-measuring devices oriented in the same direction will report opposite spin values. But things get more interesting when the devices are pointing in different directions, as in the above sketch.

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Quantum Mechanics 5: Engtanglement, EPR, Teleportation, & Advanced Topics

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