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Science & Faith

Presented at Westminster Presbyterian Church
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Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
• What is Science?

• The Strengths & Weaknesses of Science
• When Science & Faith Meet
• Why Science & Faith are Compatible

• Critique of Stephen Hawking

Einstein for Everyone

Presented at the Santa Barbara Rotary Club
20 min Presentation 

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Part 1
Einstein's Life
Part 2
Einsteins' Impact on our Lives
Part 3
E=MC2 and Clean Energy
Einstein for Everyone - part 1 Einstein for Everyone - part 2 Einstein for Everyone #3
Details his early struggles & failures, and eventual success.
Without Einstein, there would be no laser technology, no computers, no GPS, and many other technologies we have come to rely upon.
Einstein's equation E=MC2, what it means and what it could mean for clean, abundant energy.


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Just a few loose ends?

Echo of the Big Bang, Pigeon Poop
& the Nobel Prize

Einstein proves
existence of Atoms

Andromeda Galaxy
Will Andromeda Galaxy
consume the Milky Way?

Brownian Motion
The Mystery of
Brownian Motion

Hubble Telescope
Hubble Telescope - Greatest
Advance in Astronomy in 400 year

Too Elegant to be wrong Interview with Sweet Lou
- Black Holes

Wave Interference
What lies behond our universe?
What lies beyond our universe?

Is light a particle
or a wave?

How many stars are there in our Universe?
How many Stars in our Universe?

Hubble's Law & the Big Bang
Hubble's Law & the Big Gang

Expansion of the Universe
How is our Universe Expanding
and What about the Galaxies?