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Feedback from Listeners

What an engaging presentation!  That had to be the best illustration of e=mc2 that I've ever seen.  Very clever approach to equate it with fuels.   
I had several people tell me how much they enjoyed your talk.  We look forward to when we can schedule you for a return engagement.
We certainly appreciate that you came all the way up here and we're glad you were able to arrange other speaking opportunities.
Thank you again.  Outstanding.
(past president of Mount Diablo Astronomical Society, Concord , CA and lead project manager and developer of the NASA Night Sky Network)


Hi Aurora--  I am not a member, but I will respond to your email.  I really enjoyed Dr. Piccioni's presentation because for the most part it was couched in terms a layman could understand and was sprinkled with humor that kept it enjoyable as well as educating.  The ony question I had (but did not ask) was How could a person with so little going for him (as Einstein had when he was a gov't clerk 3d class) get scientists and physicists to give time and attention to his theories repudiating basic beliefs and standards.  He stirred controversy when he could have been ignored as a lunatic.  Why did they bother to look at the calculations of someone so unqualified to have any opinions of merit?
Carolyn S.


Dear Aurora,
Very much enjoyed meeting you and want to have you as my "teacher. I have been a star gazer since I can remember. I am very much an amateur hobbyist in astronomy, astro-physics, climatology, well you get the idea. (Lady who loved your fabulous red hair, you have gorgeous hair.)
The Dr.'s lecture was inspiring and informational; his wife was lovely and funny. I had a chance to talk to her before the lecture.
I bought both books, finished the pamphlet and am on to the hard cover. I forgot to ask my question about the Maunder Minimum first recorded shortly after the invention of the telescope. Since (I believe) the sun plays the largest part in earths climate, not to exclude the three larger cycles of eliptic, axis tilt, and precession. I am particularly interested in this current minimum, the cycles of our Sun, and it's affect on us.
Lee M.


Hi Aurora, My friend and really enjoyed the evening. The lecture was just the right length, not too technical, not dumbed down, and a tad funny. It was quite amusing to learn about Einstein the man. Not just the famous scientist version. Well done and thank you.         Mike A.

Hi - Aurora here. Last night was one packed meeting!I am sorry if you didn't get a chair... we really tried to accommodate everyone as best as we could, so thank you so much for you patience. In case you missed it, our  October meeting showcased guest speaker Dr. Robert Piccioni who gave a plain-english talk about Einstein and his effects on our world today. Dr. Piccioni drew a crowd of over 90 folks, including Cal Poly students, high school teachers, scout leaders, and more. A big thank you goes out to Dr. Piccioni and his wife for generously donating their time and talent in speaking with our group! Dr. Piccioni also donated three of his books to local schools in our area.
If you attended the meeting, I was hoping you might share a few words that I could pass along to Dr. Piccioni about his presentation. Often speakers don't get the opportunity to really hear how the audience felt or appreciated their talk, or what points really struck a chord with them. This is your opportunity to share your experience with Dr. Piccioni.
Aurora Lipper
Central Coast Astronomical Society

Hi Dr. Piccioni,
Thank you so much for speaking with our group!  I am so glad that you made time for us in your schedule.  And yes, we can certainly do this again –
Thanks again, and I look forward to working with you in the future!
Aurora Lipper

I thought Dr. Piccioni's talk was wonderful!!!  I learned so much!  His way of speaking, along with the power point and interjections of humor made for a very enjoyable evening and a fun way to learn about a lot of scientific facts.  I was so inspired to learn more and didn't hesitate to buy his book, Atoms, Einstein and the Universe.  I do hope he speaks on the Central Coast again.  I know of friends and family members who would really like to see his presentation. 
Thank you!
Teresa R.


Dear Dr. Piccioni,
My name is Ryan and I'm 10 years old.  I attended your presentation about Einstien in San Luis Obispo.  I really enjoyed the part about alternative energy and comparing what we have now to what we might use in the future.  I also bought both of your books and am in chapter six of Atoms, Einstein and the Universe.  I thought your presentation was very enjoyable.  I hope you will give more around here.
Ryan N,


 I really enjoyed your talk at El Camino last Friday. It really brought some perspective to not only what I learn in my highschool physics class, but my everyday life. What really caught my attention was the fact that my Calculus and Physics classes are teaching acient stuff, so I'm more determined to study higher in these feilds.( After you explained the G=8piT to me I decided to learn more on matrices) Your talk on Einstein also provided a good jolt I need to finish up some essays for college applications.
Keep spreading science.
Best wishes to you.
Brittany E. Miles