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Endorsements by Civic Groups

A 10!  Robert Piccioni addressed the San Jose Rotary Club and the feedback from members was overwhelmingly positive.  As one of the nation's largest clubs we frequently receive presentations from national leaders and entertainers, so it was especially refreshing to have a presentation on science that was both educational and understandable.

—David Ginsborg, Chair, San Jose Rotary Program Committee

• Thank you, Dr. Piccioni, for the entertaining and informative program that you presented to Los Altos Rotary Club. Your presentation simplified sophisticated physics and was polished and humorous, which is why it received such high ratings from our club. I wholeheartedly recommend him.

—Mona Armistead, President Los Altos Rotary

• Dr. Piccioni spoke to my Rotary Club in La Jolla, California.  So impressed was I that I later had Dr. Piccioni speak at my church to a packed house of 200. I highly recommend Robert and his DVD productions.  The audience will be spell bound as they travel into space or the mind of Einstein.  He is very “down to earth” for a person with such lofty credentials.  He can truly present the extraordinary aspects of science in very ordinary terms. Don’t miss him!
 —William E. Irwin, Jr., Presbyterian Church

• Searching for a dynamic speaker that can captivate an audience? I recommend Dr. Robert L. Piccioni. What makes Dr. Piccioni a particularly outstanding speaker is his ability to bring cutting-edge science to non-scientific audiences including high school students and children.  Dr. Piccioni makes major concepts in physics accessible, relevant and therefore memorable.  Audience members will make connections to science in real time in an enjoyable manner.  Everyone will leave the room feeling smarter and more connected to the universe around them.

—Kyle K. Pierce, President Wilshire Rotary

Endorsements by Religious Groups

•  I couldn't be more pleased. We all very much liked what Dr. Piccioni had to say. Staying with just the scientific data, without engaging in religious speculation as do some other scientists, was most effective.

—Dr. James Waters, Professor of Religion, Loma Linda

•  have carefully read all of Dr. Piccioni's books, spent hours speaking with him and have attended his lecture on “Science and Faith.”  His knowledge of some of the most esoteric elements of physics, his sensitivity and respect to matters of faith and belief, and his clarity of writing and speaking along with his sense of humor make learning with him a delight.  His work is a genuine and welcome addition to this field.
—Rabbi, Michael Lotker

We have invited Robert Piccioni to come help us reflect on the relationship between faith and science first because of his wealth of knowledge and experience in this subject, second because he prepares his presentations with the audience in mind, but most importantly because of his passion for this cause. Dr. Piccioni conveys a deep respect for people of faith seeking to work out some of the toughest questions that science seems to pose to faith. The scientists in our congregation as well as the non-scientists always walk away encouraged to pursue both scientific inquiry and their faith. I look forward to the next time he comes to share with us!
—Pastor Richard H. Thompson, Westminster Presbyterian

I am very happy to endorse Dr. Robert Piccioni as a speaker to your congregation. His recent talk at our church was very well received by all, especially myself, and we are eager to have him return for the rest of his highly informative series that connects science with faith. I can assure you that he has the highest regard for people of faith and is very respectful of all religions. His oft-stated goal is to bring people of faith and science together since both cover God's creation and human experience. I know not every scientist has this goal, but Dr. Piccioni is one who sincerely does. A quick reference to his many books and articles will reveal his expertise and desire to present a positive and respectful program for religious groups. Once again, I am glad to recommend Dr. Piccioni to your congregation.
—Father David Heney, St. Paschal Baylon, Thousand Oaks
I have heard Dr. Robert Piccioni speak on many occasions.  As a non-scientific person, I continue to marvel at how he can make complex scientific concepts seem so easy to understand. I think most of us are fascinated by our universe, outer space, dark matter, and so many other mysterious things. Yet, they are explained so easily by him. The other fascinating aspect of his talks is how he is able to present scientifically proven information that makes one ponder the extremely small chance our planet could have all of the necessary ingredients that support intelligent life without also pondering how it could have happened by chance.  A person comes away from some of his presentations with the refreshing feeling that science neither supports nor contradicts religion.  The two, in fact, may be very compatible.

—Bob Machon, past president of Westlakers

Endorsements by Charities

Dr. Piccioni is engaging, articulate and able to explain complicated concepts in terms that everyone can understand.  He actually made physics fun! Dr. Piccioni is able to create in the moment, adapting his knowledge of the subject matter to his audience, and would bring tremendous value-added to virtually any group of inquiring minds. The attendees were in unanimous agreement that he was the best speaker we had this season.

—Margot Nelligan, fundraising chair, ACT for MS, Palm Springs.

Endorsements by Astronomy Groups

• It is such a pleasure to have you back for the fourth time. We at the Ventura County Astronomical Society have had the pleasure of hosting the names of some great scientists, who were also great speakers, but the name of Dr. Robert Piccioni is firmly positioned at the top of the list.

Tonight you have returned to give us "Our Place in the Universe", a very thought provoking and extremely interesting presentation. We thank you for bringing this to us.

- Jim McGreevy, VCAS VP of Programs

• Dr. Robert Piccioni is the only lecturer invited four consecutive years to speak at the Mount Diablo Astronomical Society. His speaking style is engaging and clear, his power points attractive and professional, and his mixture of solid scientific understanding and dry humor delightful.  Many members comment on how much they enjoy his presentations. Dr. Piccioni has an intuitive talent in delivering his presentations with just the right level of scientific rigor.  The depth and breadth of his talent is truly appreciated.

—Dick Flasck, Program Chair, Mt. Diablo Astronomical Society

• What an engaging presentation!  Outstanding.

—Marni Berendsen, NASA Night Sky Network