Feynman Lectures Simplified 4B: Best of Feynman

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Robert L. Piccioni, Ph.D.

Feynman Lectures

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Feynman Simplified
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4B: The Best of Feynman

Feynman Simplified 4B is an unprecedented catalog and explanation of every key principle and important equation in all of The Feynman Lectures on Physics. This book is an encyclopedia of great physics, from the lectures of one of history’s most brilliant scientists.

In addition, this book explores the major discoveries of physics in the half-century since Feynman gave these lectures.

To fit all this wonderful physics in one book, Feynman Simplified 4B is concise, with brief explanations and few derivations. For those beginning their exploration of physics, I recommend building your knowledge gradually and systematically, starting with Feynman Simplified 1A. This book is for experienced physicists and students who seek quick reminders of Boltzmann’s law, or where the minus sign goes. Everything you need is here, in one convenient source.

Chapter 1 summarizes the most important principles and equations, with references to further discussion in later chapters.

Chapter 15 explores Feynman’s best problem-solving tricks.

Finally, an extensive alphabetical index facilitates access to this book’s treasures.

Feynman Simplified 4B: The  Best of Feynman is available at Amazon.com as an ebook, and now also in print format.

The topics we explore include:
  • Newtonian Mechanics
  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Special & General Relativity
  • Gravity Waves
  • Waves & Oscillators
  • Electromagnetism
  • Physics of Light
  • Conservation Laws & Symmetries
  • Particle Physics
  • Physics of Solids & Liquids
  • Statistical Mechanics & Thermodynamics
  • Essential Mathematics

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