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Jan 2018
Is Dark Matter Just Black Holes?
Dec 2017
Gold, Platinum & Gravity Waves
Aug 2017
Newgrange, World's Oldest Observatory
Feb 2017
Two New Books
Sept 2016
A Dark Force in the Universe
July 2016
Remember Our Song?
April 2016
Did Dark Matter Doom the Dinosaurs?
Oct 2016
LIGO Detects Gravity Waves
Dec 2015
Happy Birthday to General Relativity
July 2015
We’re Finally Here, But Where’s Pluto?
Mar 2015
Quantum Mechanics & Reality
Dec 2014
Origin of Life Analysis Confirmed
Oct 2014
    Ghostly Planet Goes BOOOO
Mar 2014
Discovery of Gravity Waves
Mar 2014 Hint of Dark Matter
Feb 2014
Mars Curiosity Update
Jan 2014
Protecting Earth from Asteroids
Dec 2013
Exoplanets-Headlines, Hype & Hope

Oct 31

Ghost Particles
Oct 2013
Planck Satellite Refines Cosmic Measurements
Sept 2013
Exploring JPL
Aug 2013
General Relativity eBooks Explain NuStar Discovery
Free Copies for H.S. Physics
July 2013
Gold & Gamma Rays
June 2013
Stars Just Ain’t What They Used To Be
May 2013
Dark Matter & Golden DNA
May 2013
Solar Power & Carbon Dioxide
Mar 2013
Exploding Star Rerun
Feb 2013
A Deafening Silence
Have We Hit Bottom Yet?
Dec 2012
Voyagers Phone Home
Nov 2012
Did Asteroid Impacts Make Earth Habitable?
Oct 2012
Spooky Action-at-a-Distance Wins Nobel Prize
Oct 2012 Einstein Proven Right ... Again
Sept 2012
NuStar: NASA’s New Space Telescope
Aug 2012
Curiosity Science Mission Begins
Aug2012 Curiosity Boldly Approaches Critical Mars Landing
July 2012 Breaking News: Higgs Boson’s Discovery Is Announced
July 2012 Andromeda is Coming!
June 2012 Dark Matter Mysteries Darken
May 2012 Dangerous Cosmos
April 2012 U.S. to Ax Fusion & Cut Planetary Science
Feb 2012 New Research on Sunspots and Climate Change
Feb 2012 Black Hole’s Dinner Bell is Ringing
Jan 2012 Is the Higgs Boson the God Particle or the Goddamn Particle?  Part 2
Jan 2012 Is the Higgs Boson the God Particle or the Goddamn Particle?  Part 1
Dec 2011 Christmas Gamma Ray Burst:Naughty or Nice?
Dec 2011 Radio Telescopes Illuminate Oldest-Known Black Hole
Nov 2011 Fast Neutrinos Arrested for Speeding
Oct 2011 Nobel Prize for Accelerating Universe
Sept 2011 Faster than Light Neutrinos?
Aug 2011 Mount Palomar Observatory - part 2
Aug 2011 Mount Palomar Observatory - part 1
June 2011 A Light Touch Which is Really Cool
June 2011 Einstein Wins Again as 50-Year-Long Test Ends
May 2011 Latest Antimatter Searches and Discoveries
April 2011 Doomed U.S. Lab Announces Its Last Major Discovery
Mar 2011 Japanese Nuclear Crisis - Do We Need to Worry?
Mar 2011 Disappearing: Stealth Science
Feb 2011 Administration Concedes U.S. Leadership in  
Fundamental Physics
Feb 2011 The Nation's Science Report Card
Jan 2011 World’s Largest Ice Cube and Particle Detector
Dec 2010 More Stars, Big & Small, for the Holidays
Nov 2010 Gammas in the Mist
Nov 2010 Energy Ups and Downs
Oct 2010 Comment on Stephen Hawking’s
“Why God Did Not Create the Universe”
July 12010 Bad TV Science
June 2010 Artificial Life
May 2010 The Lies about Cold Fusion and the Truth 
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