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Quantum Mechanics 4:
Spin, Lasers,
Pauli Exclusion
& Barrier Penetration

Robert L. Piccioni, Ph.D.

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Everyone's Guide Series

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This book is the fourth stage of our exploration of Quantum Mechanics in the Everyone’s Guide Series.

We first review waves and particle-wave duality. We'll revisit the Uncertaintly Principle, and discuss the Two-Slit Experiment in depth.

Then, we delve deeper into wavefunctions and explore more Quantum Mechanical mysteries: barrier penetration and spin. We’ll discover how barrier penetration allows particles to “pass through” walls, enables radioactivity, makes star shine, and powers microelectronics in all our digital devices.

Spin is a uniquely quantum mechanical property of all particles. We’ll explore how spin makes matter rigid, controls the formation of atoms and molecules, and enables lasers and superconductivity.


...... As more electrons drop and emit photons into the common state, the stimulation effect grows ever stronger. Soon, the number of photons grows exponentially, producing an intense beam of coherent photons, all in a common state of energy, direction, and spin: a laser beam.
Initially, the laser was derided as being an invention in search of an application. Today, hardly any other technology is more versatile.

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Quantum Mechanics 4:
Spin, Lasers,
Pauli Exclusion
& Barrier Penetration

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