Smarter Energy

Smarter Energy
We Can Have It All:
Better Economy -
Better Climate

Robert L. Piccioni, Ph.D.

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Climate change and budget deficits have become bitterly divisive issues. With shrinking resources and myriad compelling demands, all spending programs are contentious. Perhaps none are more contentious than trillion dollar programs to ameliorate global warming.

As this book reveals, our crisis is energy. Our 21st century society generates energy using 19th century technology, with ruinous financial and ecological results. The U.S. spends over $1.3 trillion per year on energy, energy that pollutes the atmosphere with greenhouse gases and poisons our air, our water, and our soil.

Current policy wrongly pursues marginal energy programs, with poor results, at a cost of over $50 billion a year.

This book firstly compares the energy usage, carbon dioxide emissions and growth rates for key nations and regions. It then discusses what IS energy and the many forms of energy. It then talks about the different technologies, their per capita consumption and alternatives, including renewables.

This book finally reveals opportunities for smarter energy, promising low-cost, pollution-free solutions that will benefit the planet and everyone on it.

The solution isn’t magic. It exists everywhere throughout the universe. It has supported life for billions of years. Nature produces energy millions of times more effectively than we do, and with virtually zero pollution. With a modest effort, we have an excellent chance of mimicking nature and solving our energy crisis. We can save trillions of wasted dollars and eliminate oceans of pollution.

Smarter energy through better science is something we can all agree upon.


The sketch above shows an example of a chemical reaction: on top are two hydrogen atoms and a larger oxygen atom; these react to produce the molecule of water (H2O) at the bottom. This is one of the most potent chemical reactions, potent enough to blast rockets into outer space. But its power is limited because electrons have such a small share of an atom’s energy. To extract much more energy, and to become much more efficient, we must go where nature put the energy: in the nucleus.
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Smarter Energy -
We Can Have It All

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