Quantum Mechanics 2: Reality, Uncertainty & Schroedinger's Cat

Quantum Mechanics 2:
Reality, Uncertainty,
& Schrödinger’s Cat

Robert L. Piccioni, Ph.D.

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Everyone's Guide Series

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This book is the second stage of our exploration of Quantum Mechanics in the Everyone’s Guide Series. Readers will benefit from a prior reading of Quantum Mechanics: 1 Particles & Waves.

Here, we explore wave packets, the quantum description of particles. We will see how wave packets lead inexorably to the Uncertainty Principle, a hallmark of Quantum Mechanics. We examine the physical and philosophic implications of uncertainty, and whether or not “God plays with dice.”

Next, we explore wave interference, the fate of Schrödinger’s Cat, and the nature of Reality in the Micro-World.

Finally, we examine the Two-Slit experiment, the most famous demonstration of the startling predictions of Quantum Mechanics. We treat this as a series of thought experiments, and will also review astonishing data from a real, practical test.


Schrödinger and Einstein both made essential contributions to the development of Quantum Mechanics, and both were repelled by its uncertainty.
In 1935, Schrödinger concocted a bizarre thought experiment intended to show that Quantum Mechanics led to irrational conclusions. Rest assured, no real cats were injured by the politically-incorrect thought experiment.

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