Black Holes, Supernovae & More

Black Holes,
Supernovae & More

Robert L. Piccioni, Ph.D.

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This book continues our exploration of stars. Here we discuss the spectacular ways in which stars die, creating supernovae that are some of the most violent events in our universe. We also explore the exotic remnants of these explosions: white dwarfs, neutron stars, and particularly, black holes. We examine how black holes can grow as massive as small galaxies, and how they can evaporate through Hawking radiation.

We talk about what stars are, how they form, the life & death of stars, and how they make the atoms of life. We answer the question: What are supernovae and what are the results of their collapse?

We show spectacular pictures of white dwarfs and discuss neutron stars and pulsars.

Black holes are the ultimate expression of the power of gravity. We discuss what is a singularity, and an event horizon, and what happens when something 'enters' a black hole. We explore how black holes expand, how large they ultimately become, and where & how many there are in the cosmos.


Now consider an intrepid astronaut who elects to take a spacewalk and explore the inside of a black hole. We will watch from the mother ship, far from danger.

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