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Robert L. Piccioni, Ph.D.

Quantum Mechanics & Reality


Dr. Robert Piccioni is an experienced public speaker, educator and expert on cosmology and Einstein's theories.

His goal is to present real science to real people in a way that everyone can understand and enjoy. He says "You don't need to be a physics or math wiz to appreciate the beauty of a distant galaxy or to be awed by an exploding star."


Dr. Piccioni is an award-winning author:

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The seventh book of the series: Feynman Lectures Simplified 3C: Quantum Mechanics Part Three is now available!

Feynman Lectures Simplified 3C: Quantum Mechanics

Feynman Simplified gives mere mortals access to the fabled Feynman Lectures on Physics. For those who have struggled with the Big Red Books, and for those who were reluctant to take the plunge, Feynman Simplified is for you.

Printed Books

"Everyone's Guide to Atoms, Einstein & the Universe" award-winning book by Dr Robert Piccioni
"Can Life be Merely an Accident?" book by Dr Piccioni
"A World Without Einstein" Book

Everyone's Guide Series

Special Relativity 1: Light, Time and What's Relative - eBook
Our Place in the Universe - eBook
Quantum Mechanics eBook


Dr. Piccioni's Presentation topics span the range of modern physics & cosmology. The material presented is not "dumbed down". Rather it has been carefully translated into plain English from the original physics/math jargon. The presentations include many heavenly pictures and simple, informative graphics.

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Hubble's Law & the Big Bang
Hubble's Law & the Big Bang
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Dr Piccioni explaining to his students