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Galaxy Clusters

Galaxies often come in clusters of up to a thousand galaxies. This image shows colliding galaxies. This cluster is so far away that the light which is reaching our telescopes today started its journey millions of years before the first dinosaurs were born.

Light comes in an unlimited range of “colors” spread across the frequency/wavelength spectrum. Until recently, our knowledge of the universe was limited by the very small range of colors that the human eye can see. Now, our fleet of space telescopes detects all the colors of light that the universe emits, revealing far more.

What our eyes see and what telescopes see.

Inflationary Big Bang theory.

A NASA illustration of the history of our universe showing the period of inflation, the development of stars and galaxies, and accelerated expansion.

The space created in the Big Bang expanded at a phenomenal rate in an era we call "inflation".
Our observable universe is likely only a small portion of this space.

Era of Inflation